A wood stove creates warmth of course, but above all a nice cosy atmosphere. An atmosphere which you can enjoy by yourself or even better with friends or family.

  • ROBUST due to the 316L stainless steel design
  • INTENSE fire with high temperatures
  • COOKING in your Stokem with a Dutch oven, a BBQ grill plate or a pizza oven
  • SAFE by using a door with thick heat resistant glass
  • BEAUTIFUL sand-blasted matt finish
  • FASCINATING how the steel changes colour and creates patina based on your personal burning behavior
  • COMFORTABEL omdat je helemaal geen last hebt van de rook door de deur en de hoge kachelpijp
  • COSY together outside or under a porch
  • 5-year WARRANTY because we have made it to last

What our customers think…

‘We are extremely happy! We have used the stove 5 times now and we are full of praise. We light it according the Swiss method and have a great fire and warmth for 1,5 – 2 hours when we have diner outside. It has also changed colour beautifully. The Stokem was really well packed and assembling it was easy. The glass in the door stays nice and clean. We use birch and we have not seen any black clouds yet. Also thanks to the long chimney there is no smoke burden.
In short, we tremendously enjoy your design!’

‘All is great! Delivered in one piece, with no damage, it now shines in our garden. What a great fireplace. It burns like a maniac and has exceeded our expectations. So we are very happy 😃!’

‘The Stokem was delivered yesterday. Everything neatly packed and delivered without damages. The Stokem looks clean and sharp. Thanks for the service and have a nice day.’

‘Yes we are using the stove and have zero complaints. We love it! All we need now is for the rain to stop and we can start using it again. I would not hesitate to recommend your stoves to anyone and have already provided your site details to a few of our friends.
Best wishes for your future business development!’

‘Dear people, for sure everything is great. The Stokem burns like nothing else and it is very handy that the door has different positions.’

‘I have to say that the Stokem exceeds my expectations. I had never seen it live before and let’s be honest, it is a lot of money. But truly a beautiful stove! My compliments!’

‘We have received the black Stokem today. It is absolutely stunning! Really nice! We are very happy.’

‘Yesterday we have lighted the Stokem for the first time and sat around it. Lovely! What a nice stove and fantastic how it burns, we are very happy with it!’

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